When do you update?

Currently, Mondays! But I’m, professedly, a terrible updater, so whenever I can get to it.

How do you make your pages?

I use Procreate to draw and ink the pages, and Clip Studio for colors/fonts/formatting/etc.

What is your content rating?

Mostly, the comic will hover around PG-13 territory, but it will occasionally delve into darker themes. So, PG-13 to R, due to violence, language, nudity, and sexual themes. It won’t be (what I consider to be) obscenely graphic, but your mileage may vary. Also, I’m personally not a fan of trigger warnings before every single piece of darker content (though I understand their usefulness for those that are affected by such), so please, once again, take this as a general warning if you choose to read.

Did you have an old sketch-comic version of your story online?

Yeah, I did. If you go looking, you’ll find them, but they’re not particularly relevant anymore and are probably misleading.