Main Characters


Peri’s arrival in the small mountain village of Letherton stirs the pot, so to speak. Hailing from the Lowlands, she seems to stick out amongst the villagers, despite her relation to her uncle Dathius and Gran-Agg, and prefers to be left to her own devices. She’s told no one exactly why she’s here, but everyone has their theories.


Despite her clumsiness and talkative nature, Mith is well-loved throughout the village – though most cringe and make themselves scarce when she tries to serenade them. She tries to forge a friendship with Peri, but it’s hard to make friends when the interest is one-sided!


Supporting Characters


Dutiful, considerate, though a bit aloof, Dathius is the acting Vigil for all the Okokim – one who presides over death, last rites, and the passage through Molkevikek.


Gran-Agg is Peri’s grandmother, Dathius’s mother, and the retired Vigil. Despite being surly and bitter, she is a respected village elder.


Issa is the barkeep for The Vigil’s Candle, an inn owned and managed by Mith’s father, Errot. Though not married to Errot, Issa acts as a surrogate mother to Mith, and has done so for many years.


Errot is Mith’s father and the proprietor of The Vigil’s Candle, the sole inn and one of few pubs in the village of Letherton. Errot is friendly, talkative, and out-going, and is well-liked by everyone.